Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

gayaku at Wedding with headband


 Simple Headband Royal Make Up wedding IDR 1.000.000

 cHICK bando Gaya  Silk Roses IDR 650.000

Double Bandoku with layer dress IDR 1.500.000

Customized  Wedding Hair & Dress

+ 62 819 990 55689

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

New look on Wedding Day

Make your make up day become marvellous ... for Bride Chic 
Brilliant bride and All Ages !

Your Guide to beautiful Wedding ceremony

Choosing the Right make up is our solution....

Make up WeDDING is something your dream of... 
we help to made it last Forever

  • Simple Romance Look

  • You can also take the earth angel look....by wearing a pair of fairy wings!

  • Moslem new Hijab look, feel the Glam ... polite taste

  • Exotic Bride Make up

for order and reservation
please contact : Densie or 
081 99905 5689 / ministrybazaar@gmail.com
workshop galery : pudak 19 Bandung near farel design card Bandung
West Java